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this is the swimming pool in CIS. Although swimming is fun it is also very tiring.

I love maths because im really good at it and it makes you really think. However i love art even more because it allows you to express yourself in many diferent ways and it exposes you to the vicinity that is your home. I am currently in year 8NT and we have 8 people in our class. after school i have music club, i learnt how to play the piano and the cello and I am learning how to play the guitar.

these are some of the work we have been doing in ICT
click on it to see what ifound out about
violent videogames and their relation to the behavior of little children.
click on it to see the ruleswhen using
the internet, and the dangers of disobeying the rules.
click on it to see my eSafety booklet
where i recorded my progress when we were studying the unit.